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Soft Matter Enginering and Science Laboratory (SIMM)
Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle (ESPCI)
10, rue Vauquelin - 75005 Paris - France
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antoine.chateauminois (arobase)


My current research activities are mostly focused on friction and adhesion of polymer and rubber systems. Based on the development of time and space resolved contact imaging methods, we investigate the frictional behaviour of sliding interfaces at the mesoscale (i.e. at length scales ranging from the contact size down to the micrometer scale).



In a recent paper published in Tribology Letters, we report on adhesive contact of model multicontact interfaces formed between smooth glass surfaces and silicone substrates textured with a statistical distribution of spherical micro-asperities.

Sliding friction of thin hydrogel films on glass substrates: In a Langmuir paper, we show that friction of thin hydrogel layers immersed in water is dominated by the viscous losses resulting from the poroelastic flow of water within the gel network.

Local friction of rubbers with smooth glass surfaces depends on surface stretch. In a Soft Matter paper we show that local friction is proportional to local surface stretch and that it does not depend on the orientation of the sliding direction with respect to the stretch direction.


Video Gallery
Find here videos related to frictional instabilities within glass/rubber contact interfaces.


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Sciences et Ingénierie de la Matière Molle

Soft Matter Enginering and Science Laboratory - UMR 7615

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