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Mechanical properties of hybrid materials.

HU GuangJun (Griffith) PPMD

Hybrid nanocomposite materials, based on an inorganic phase and an
organic phase are of big interest to material scientists. Among them,
polymeric hybrid materials based on titanium nanoclusters are quite
interesting due to their unique structure and possible spectacular
In this presentation, titanium nanoclusters based hybrid nanocomposites
are composed with titanium nanoclusters and a polymeric matrix.
Poly(n-butylacrylate) (PnBA) based elastomer is selected as the organic
matrix. The mechanical properties of PnBA elastomer film with the
presence of specially designed Ti nanoclustters are evaluated with fracture
experiments. The rheology of titanium nanocluster based star-like hybrid
materials are investigated under wide temperature ranges. Pure star-like
PnBA and linear PnBA are also compared in these experiments.